Last family in Rattlesnake Canyon

The last family in Rattlesnake Canyon was the Noble Family. They purchased the farm and orchard from the Davis Family, and at the time the canyon was known as Davis Canyon. They ran the orchard for years and it was a destination for people traveling in horseless carriages in the early days of the automobile. Gatherings of all sorts where held in the oasis like garden of Rattlesnake Canyon. Finally the land was sold to Elmore and Fleischmann, land developers, who then lost a substantial portion of their purchase when the government condemned the land for construction. The Nobles moved out and the farm was demolished and removed. The canyon was then flooded and became part of the Grand Coulee sewage treatment program, and eventually Crescent Lake.

the only known issue of the Rattlesnake Fangs, a flyer that appeared in the Grand Coulee News c.1935.

scan0021 (2)


a marking on a granite face is all that is left of the historic orchards


Gone but not forgotten, there is a street in Grand Coulee named after the Noble family on the edge of Rattlesnake Canyon.


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