Deep Lake cigars

My mom, when she was 11 lived in Sun Lakes with her parents who owned the store / gas station. One day, when the old man wasn’t looking my Mom and her friend snatchd a couple of his half smoked cigar butts out of the ashtray and made a grand escape on their peddle bikes down the road to Deep Lake.
They didn’t go very far, just past the crumbling boulders with scorpions, on the other side water could be heard running over some rocks. The coasted off the road into a small clearing and ditched their bikes, ducking under some limbs they sat down next to a place where a stream cascades over some rocks. Sitting down on a log or rock they proceeded to light and try to smoke the cigar. It was terrible and made them cough, then they notices the ring of dried white saliva from the old man around the mouth area, and threw the cigars into the stream and left. Not much of a story, it’s one I’ve heard over and over. Following the physical description I was able to find the ‘rapids’, so overgrown now 60 years later I couldn’t really get down to it or sit in the place my Mom and her friend sat so long ago smoking stolen cigars and gagging.

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