Oscar Osborne

Oscar Osborne was born near Knoxville Tennessee in 1857 and grew up on his father's plantation. In 1861 when Oscar was just four years old, the Civil War sparked off and burned a path down to the Osborne plantation. The war would rage until 1865, and during that time the South became a battleground. Once... Continue Reading →

Lillie Scheibner

In 1896 Oscar Osborne, met and wed a southern belle from his home state of Tennessee. Her name was Lillie Scheibner and she lived with her pioneering parents in Wilbur. One day Lillie was down in Northrup Canyon visiting her brother Charles Scheibner and Oscar happened to stop over on business. While waiting for Charles,... Continue Reading →

the Scheibner Sawmill in Northrup Canyon

The Scheibner Brothers in Northrup Canyon also ran a pre-industrial age sawmill on Northrup Creek in the year of 1900.¬†Original Steamboat Rock pioneer William Fleet worked as a millwright helping with the design, implementation and upkeep of the Scheibner watermill. Charles Scheibner and William Fleet along with one other gentleman would back up the creek... Continue Reading →

The Scheibner Grade in Northrup Canyon

George and Caty Northrup weren't the only family in the canyon at the turn of the 20th century. Scheibner brothers Charles and Fred had moved into the canyon a couple years earlier and were already known for their produce, in particular, luscious strawberries. In 1901 with the backing of the farming community around Steamboat Rock... Continue Reading →

Murder in Northrup Canyon

There is a historical marker in Northrup Canyon that talks briefly about the murder that took place in 1903. The story is a bit deeper. In the mid-1890s John W. and Caty Northrup moved into the canyon. Together through hard work they created a wonderful orchard and irrigation system. With John W.'s health failing, the... Continue Reading →

the Lange’s at Steamboat Rock

It was a mild winter in 1885¬†when newly weds Hans and Matilda Lange loaded up their wagon and made there way from Colfax towards the Grand Coulee where they planned on starting a ranch and raising cattle. On her finger Tilda, as they called her, wore a gold band made from ore struck by Hans... Continue Reading →

Steamboat Rock trail guide

this was written for the Grant County Tourist Board and appeared in the 2019 Grant County Trail Guide. Steamboat Rock State Park is located halfway between Grand Coulee Dam and Coulee City on State Route 155. Standing like a beacon in the coulee, Steamboat Rock was created when the Missoula Flood swept through the land... Continue Reading →

Seaton’s Ferries

In 1889 Thomas Brownfield Seaton brought his family to Spokane on an immigrant train from Cass County, Missouri, bought a covered wagon, and continued Wilbur, where the family stayed with relatives (including nephew Robert Van Sickle) while Tom located a homestead at Hesseltine in the Broadaxe Creek area a few miles north. Tom developed a... Continue Reading →

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