Get a soda at Dry Falls

And many people did. In the 1950s there was a gift shop at Dry Falls where you could get a bottle of soda to cool off on a hot summer drive. These pictures from an old Dry Falls landfill show part of the selection. The bottles are all thicker and with ornate glass. The logo... Continue Reading →

Deep Lake cigars

My mom, when she was 11 lived in Sun Lakes with her parents who owned the store / gas station. One day, when the old man wasn't looking my Mom and her friend snatchd a couple of his half smoked cigar butts out of the ashtray and made a grand escape on their peddle bikes... Continue Reading →

the Old Man at Deep Lake

For a while my Grandparents, Oral and Jean Willard, ran a gas station down in Sun Lakes, on the shores of Park Lake by the swimming area. It was the 1950s and my mother was a pre-teen. She didn't like the coulee region at first and missed the trees of Springdale and the home ranch... Continue Reading →

The Grand Coulee Scenic Highway

The glorious Grand Coulee Scenic Highway was probably a marketing ploy devised to push the much needed highway on taxpayers, tourists and uneducated politicians. The Scenic Highway itself comprised of four different highways; starting as a branch off the North Central Highway near Soap Lake, it ran down the lower coulee past Sun Lakes, up... Continue Reading →

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