the old Soap Lake sign

Soap Lake Legend Soap Lake contains 17 minerals and an Ichthyol like oil. The only comparable water in the world is Boden Lake in Boden, Germany. Cowboys and settlers learned of the health-like qualities of the buoyant water from the indians, who for ages past sent their ailing to bathe in the great spirits "Smokiam"... Continue Reading →

Mystery of the two Osbornes

The city of Osborne sprung up with the Grand Coulee Dam just outside Electric City, where Osborne Bay sits today. The land was owned by Oscar Osborne and his wife Gladys but in the later years of his life he handed it over to his son, Thomas to manage and maintain. It was during this... Continue Reading →

the Daddy of Grand Coulee, Frank McCann

An editorial in the pages of the Wenatchee World in 1929 written by Rufus Woods compared Frank McCann to early fur trader, explorer and map maker Alexander Ross. "A present day disciple of Alexander Ross is Frank McCann, who has advocated for years the setting aside of this wonder as a national park." Maybe after... Continue Reading →

Harvey Slocum and the Spirits of B Street

In 1920, two years after Rufus Woods and Billy Clapp's 1918 meeting in Ephrata that unveiled their plans for a record shattering Dam across the Columbia River, Prohibition ratified the Constitution making it (mostly) illegal to sell or purchase alcoholic beverages of any kind in the good old U.S. of A. Two seemingly unrelated events... Continue Reading →

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