Seaton’s Ferries

In 1889 Thomas Brownfield Seaton brought his family to Spokane on an immigrant train from Cass County, Missouri, bought a covered wagon, and continued Wilbur, where the family stayed with relatives (including nephew Robert Van Sickle) while Tom located a homestead at Hesseltine in the Broadaxe Creek area a few miles north. Tom developed a... Continue Reading →

The cans in Northrup Canyon

About halfway to the old Northrup homestead there was a family around the turn of the century that were active in many different endeavors in the area. They built the trail now called the Old wagon Trail, but once called the Scheibner Grade. Northrup Canyon was active for many decades, and the Scheibners had many... Continue Reading →

the Scheibners in Northrup Canyon

The Scheibners owned a sawmill on Northrup Creek c.1900, built the Scheibner Grade aka the Old Wagon Trail, which was actually considered a highway in the early days of automobiles, the picture shows the grade as well as the access road leading down to the family farm. The road was in constant need of maintenance... Continue Reading →

Pirates and Coyote

In the 1970s, safety was a different concept. To sum it up, basically, it was "Don't do anything stupid, and you won't get hurt". So, as a single digit age child I would ride in the backseat of my Grandparent's car, but to entertain myself I would sit on the floorboard and play with toys.... Continue Reading →

Vic’s Folly at Sun Lakes State Park

Vic Meyers was born Victor Aloysius Meyers in Little Falls, Minnesota, September 1897. His father was a politician and his mother an accomplished pianist. At first Vic picked up the drums, and by the age 16 he could play any instrument, filling in with local bands. His family moved to Seaside Oregon and Vic continued... Continue Reading →

Birth of an Urban Legend

The early 1970s in Grand Coulee was an interesting time, the 3rd powerhouse was being built and it attracted a lot of journalists to the region. One was Hu Blonk, who had been there in the 1930s, and after looking around started to pen nostalgia pieces for the Wenatchee World. The nostalgia articles became a... Continue Reading →

Stealing the Moon at Bowl and Pitcher

Back in 2016, a story about Coyote had been haunting my thoughts, in it Coyote had stolen the moon. It seems the moon was a much desired prize at night because it could light the way through the darkness, and belonged to the Antilope┬áBrothers who lived in a village alongside the Spokane river. I had... Continue Reading →

Blue Races the Moon

My truck, Blue, has seen a lot of adventures and been in a lot of places. I've slept in the back when I thought there was a snake in the frame, charged acrossed washed out dirt roads not knowing how deep the water was, been down many many old dirt roads that are less road... Continue Reading →

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