Million Dollar Mile in 3 parts

Million Dollar Mile pt 1 With the second World War over, work started on the second part of the Grand Coulee Dam:┬áirrigation. The majority of the Upper Grand Coulee would be flooded with a 27 mile long reservoir, from Electric City to Coulee City. By 1948 Coulee City was filled with people from all over... Continue Reading →

Frank McCann predicts the future

An editorial in the pages of Rufus Woods' Wenatchee World in 1929 compared Frank McCann to early fur trader, explorer and map maker Alexander Ross. "A present day disciple of Alexander Ross is Frank McCann, who has advocated for years the setting aside of this wonder as a national park." Maybe after a long hard... Continue Reading →

Optimistic Bachelor Len Dillman

At first when the Colville Reservation was formed in 1872 there was a paranoia from the lawmakers in the east that an attack would come from across the Columbia River by Seaton's Landing. To keep an eye on things, the U.S. Government sent out two decorated Indian War veterans, Len and Sam Dillman. When they... Continue Reading →

early pioneer William Fleet

By the time the Scheibner Brothers set up their sawmill William Fleet had been on the land for a while. Born in 1836 New York, at the age of 19 William Sailed around the Horn and started a career in the far west as a millwright and pack train manager. For the next twenty-five plus... Continue Reading →

Buck Osborne in the far west

Born in 1866, Charlie Osborne was the kid brother of Oscar and John Osborne. Several years younger; when Oscar and John left home to seek their fortunes in the wild west it set Charlie's imagination into overdrive. He imagined scenes of Cowboys and Indians, riding the range a free man, with his trusty six shooter... Continue Reading →

Lillie Scheibner

In 1896 Oscar Osborne, met and wed a southern belle from his home state of Tennessee. Her name was Lillie Scheibner and she lived with her pioneering parents in Wilbur. One day Lillie was down in Northrup Canyon visiting her brother Charles Scheibner and Oscar happened to stop over on business. While waiting for Charles,... Continue Reading →

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