Sun Lakes Store and Coffee Shop

When my Grampa returned from the South Pacific where¬† he was stationed during WW2 he teamed up with a war buddy and together they took out the lease on the store in Sun Lakes. My Grandpa was a regular work horse with a good attitude, no matter what needed done he would wade right it... Continue Reading →

Road Trippin’ With J. Boyd Ellis

It was a beautiful 1950s day in Arlington, Washington, a great day for a road trip. The old car was loaded with cameras, tripods and a few sandwiches, destination, somewhere over the mountains where the scenery was different. J. Boyd Ellis climbed in the car and pointed it towards Snoqualmie Pass and the Grand Coulee... Continue Reading →

Following Packhorse Rock

Before computers and internet, back before television had color, families used to all load up the car with camping gear and hit the road for a near or far state park. On longer trips games were invented like 'slug bug' and 'alphabet search' to keep the kids in the back seat occupied. When a landmark... Continue Reading →

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