Lillie Scheibner

In 1896 Oscar Osborne, met and wed a southern belle from his home state of Tennessee. Her name was Lillie Scheibner and she lived with her pioneering parents in Wilbur. One day Lillie was down in Northrup Canyon visiting her brother Charles Scheibner and Oscar happened to stop over on business. While waiting for Charles, the two started talking about the south and hit it off immediately. By the fall of that year the two were married in Spokane. Oscar had a new house constructed for his new bride and they moved in together. Lillie was known for her cooking, especially southern style biscuits and fried chicken. Eventually Lillie and Oscar had three children, Floyd, Joan and Thomas, all three attended school at Steamboat Rock. Since the school was several miles off, they all rode horse to get to it, even in the cold of winter. Sometimes in the spring they would have to cross washed out streams on horseback where there was always the fear of being washed away. The Osborne’s were successful cattle ranchers around the coulee and when Floyd was old enough he went to to Milwaukee for education in electronics and mechanics, which he later used to wire the ranch. Joan went to school in Spokane, Bellingham and San Jose State College in California before she returned to the area and became a teacher herself. The youngest of Lillie and Oscar’s children Thomas stayed closer to home, helping on the ranch and eventually created the town named after his family, Osborne.

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