Last family in Rattlesnake Canyon

The last family in Rattlesnake Canyon was the Noble Family. They purchased the farm and orchard from the Davis Family, and at the time the canyon was known as Davis Canyon. They ran the orchard for years and it was a destination for people traveling in horseless carriages in the early days of the automobile.... Continue Reading →

O.R. Willard’s Resort

It was my Grandpa, Oral Willard, that changed everything and brought stability to my Grandma's life. She was a single mother when she met him, raising an only child. He was in his late 30s headed for mid-life, too late to have kids, but doing well at this stage of his life with a 76... Continue Reading →

Float on water like you float on air, I see you over there, Coyote        

Old school with Bright

Bright was a small community located on the rolling farmlands above Lake Lenore. The children attended the one room Bright school at the turn of the twentieth century. In 1907 the school was having a hard time keeping teachers for various reasons. Down by where King's Ranch is in the coulee by Blue Lake lived... Continue Reading →

Kissing Rock

"Once you see it, you will always see them kissing." she said with a smile and twinkle in her eye. When she talked about Kissing Rock it was with memories from the front seat of a Studebaker in the 1950s on the Speedball Highway. They are leaning on the wall of Martin Falls, by the... Continue Reading →

Jean Willard saves the babies!

Growing up I was really close to my Grandmother Jean Willard. I never really had a chance to see the resort she started with my Grandfather on Blue Lake when they owned it but loved listening to the stories of my families life. One story that gets told still to this day is about the... Continue Reading →

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