Phillips and Welch sign

The date of this sign is unknown, it is located on a isolated stretch of back country on what once probably started as a wagon trail but later became a dirt and gravel road. The sign is for Phillips and Welch Hardware and Grocery which was in Coulee City during the early 1900s. It's location... Continue Reading →

Charlie Osborne Goes West

The end of the Civil War left the South in financial ruin and uncertain future, meanwhile across the nation the West was opening up, a chance for a new life in a new land. It was Manifest Destiny and the romantic dream of the Wild West. Charley had never been out of his home state... Continue Reading →

Finding Rimrock

It all started for me with the Speedball Highway. This road of yesterday ran down the coulee from Coulee City to Grand Coulee. It was for many the road of dreams, taking them away from the Great Depression of the early 1930s and to the land of economic prosperity: The Grand Coulee Dam. But not... Continue Reading →

Banks Lake, 1951

Banks Lake was filled after the creation of Grand Coulee Dam and was always part of the over all master irrigation plan. Flood the upper coulee with water creating a 27 mile lake that at places could be as wide as five miles. The dam would pump the water out at the feet of Electric... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar Mile

If you ever look for the history of Million Dollar Mile you will find out that a million dollars was an astronomical amount of money to spend on such a short strip of road back in 1948. What you will learn is that the construction workers and engineers had to make the costly ramp to... Continue Reading →

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