Inspiration Point, Grand Coulee

What's in a name? Said so often it becomes a cliche'. But names give people, places and things their identity, even when you have the same name as someone else. Maybe if you forget the name, you forget the place, and it starts to fade away. Inspiration Point in Grand Coulee is one of those.... Continue Reading →

L.D. Lindsley and the Coulee

Slowly, the horse and rider made their way up the mountain trail of the cascades. There was no one to break up the sounds of nature. The horse was loaded with all kinds of odd looking packs and bundles, strapped to it back behind the saddle rested an old wooden camera tripod. The sun was... Continue Reading →

Get a soda at Dry Falls

And many people did. In the 1950s there was a gift shop at Dry Falls where you could get a bottle of soda to cool off on a hot summer drive. These pictures from an old Dry Falls landfill show part of the selection. The bottles are all thicker and with ornate glass. The logo... Continue Reading →

Deep Lake cigars

My mom, when she was 11 lived in Sun Lakes with her parents who owned the store / gas station. One day, when the old man wasn't looking my Mom and her friend snatchd a couple of his half smoked cigar butts out of the ashtray and made a grand escape on their peddle bikes... Continue Reading →

The Grand Coulee Scenic Highway

The glorious Grand Coulee Scenic Highway was probably a marketing ploy devised to push the much needed highway on taxpayers, tourists and uneducated politicians. The Scenic Highway itself comprised of four different highways; starting as a branch off the North Central Highway near Soap Lake, it ran down the lower coulee past Sun Lakes, up... Continue Reading →

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