Blue Races the Moon

My truck, Blue, has seen a lot of adventures and been in a lot of places. I’ve slept in the back when I thought there was a snake in the frame, charged acrossed washed out dirt roads not knowing how deep the water was, been down many many old dirt roads that are less road and more dirt. Once more, on Easter morning I climbed behind the wheel of Blue and together we headed down 155 towards were I work at Steamboat Rock.
It was a beautiful morning with an endless blue sky, the sun was just starting to come up behind me as I headed south. In the blue sky ahead of me as I pulled through Electric City I could see the moon overhead. It looked a little out of place, and almost full, milky white semi-transparent and ethereal in its celestial seating overhead, and straight ahead through the cut in the rocks by Osborne Bay. I thought it looked so other-worldly I wanted to get a picture, and as I moved closer and through the rock cut onto the causeway it appeared to the right of Steamboat Rock.
The moon now hung just above Steamboat Rock to the right, and the sun was rising behind us. I couldn’t stop on the causeway so I pushed on a little more, faster, I could see the moon move with my perception, now it was hovering over the north tip of Steamboat Rock.
After the causeway, 155 enters into a rolling farmland dotted with houses, and Steamboat Rock dropped behind the hills, but I could still see the moon looking down on me and Blue as we raced on, watching the moon in the blue sky, waiting for the sunrise to send it all away. I pushed the gas a little more, and when I came upon the flat by Jones Bay, Steamboat Rock popped into view, and the moon was directly over the top of it. The full moon, or at least looked full, was centered right over the top of Steamboat Rock, which was illuminated by the rising sun. Instead of stopping for a picture I urged Blue a little faster to get a picture with Banks Lake in the foreground, but as Blue and I sped on I could start to see the moon was moving with my perspective, racing with Blue. We shot out from behind Pinnacle Rock, and the moon was no longer centered over Steamboat Rock, but now above the south point. I knew we were were had. As Blue and I rounded the corner by Northrup the moon was way ahead of us disappearing down the coulee corridor, laughing.

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