Vic’s Folly at Sun Lakes State Park

Vic Meyers was born Victor Aloysius Meyers in Little Falls, Minnesota, September 1897. His father was a politician and his mother an accomplished pianist. At first Vic picked up the drums, and by the age 16 he could play any instrument, filling in with local bands. His family moved to Seaside Oregon and Vic continued... Continue Reading →

Birth of an Urban Legend

The early 1970s in Grand Coulee was an interesting time, the 3rd powerhouse was being built and it attracted a lot of journalists to the region. One was Hu Blonk, who had been there in the 1930s, and after looking around started to pen nostalgia pieces for the Wenatchee World. The nostalgia articles became a... Continue Reading →

Stealing the Moon at Bowl and Pitcher

Back in 2016, a story about Coyote had been haunting my thoughts, in it Coyote had stolen the moon. It seems the moon was a much desired prize at night because it could light the way through the darkness, and belonged to the Antilope┬áBrothers who lived in a village alongside the Spokane river. I had... Continue Reading →

Blue Races the Moon

My truck, Blue, has seen a lot of adventures and been in a lot of places. I've slept in the back when I thought there was a snake in the frame, charged acrossed washed out dirt roads not knowing how deep the water was, been down many many old dirt roads that are less road... Continue Reading →

Comic Book Rock

We all come from somewhere, I come from the sagebrush and wind. When I was a single digit age child I would blow up to my Great Grandma's house. I usually had rounds I would make looking for something to do. It would start saturday morning with cartoons at Grandma's. I would never miss an... Continue Reading →

Nellie Hanning in Fordair

She had a little home in Fordair, it was a one bedroom cottage from the days when houses were bought and moved to a new location. Her house sat on old railroad ties from Coulee City. It had no other foundation. It was sided with a baked red colored tar paper, and surrounded by flower... Continue Reading →

O.R. Willard’s Resort

It was my Grandpa, Oral Willard, that changed everything and brought stability to my Grandma's life. She was a single mother when she met him, raising an only child. He was in his late 30s headed for mid-life, too late to have kids, but doing well at this stage of his life with a 76... Continue Reading →

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