Stealing the Moon at Bowl and Pitcher

Back in 2016, a story about Coyote had been haunting my thoughts, in it Coyote had stolen the moon. It seems the moon was a much desired prize at night because it could light the way through the darkness, and belonged to the Antilope┬áBrothers who lived in a village alongside the Spokane river. I had... Continue Reading →

Blue Races the Moon

My truck, Blue, has seen a lot of adventures and been in a lot of places. I've slept in the back when I thought there was a snake in the frame, charged acrossed washed out dirt roads not knowing how deep the water was, been down many many old dirt roads that are less road... Continue Reading →

Comic Book Rock

We all come from somewhere, I come from the sagebrush and wind. When I was a single digit age child I would blow up to my Great Grandma's house. I usually had rounds I would make looking for something to do. It would start saturday morning with cartoons at Grandma's. I would never miss an... Continue Reading →

Nellie Hanning in Fordair

She had a little home in Fordair, it was a one bedroom cottage from the days when houses were bought and moved to a new location. Her house sat on old railroad ties from Coulee City. It had no other foundation. It was sided with a baked red colored tar paper, and surrounded by flower... Continue Reading →

O.R. Willard’s Resort

It was my Grandpa, Oral Willard, that changed everything and brought stability to my Grandma's life. She was a single mother when she met him, raising an only child. He was in his late 30s headed for mid-life, too late to have kids, but doing well at this stage of his life with a 76... Continue Reading →

Float on water like you float on air, I see you over there, Coyote        

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