Rumors of Delany

Stories from somewhere about one of the first pioneers in the Dry Falls / Deep Lake area, a man by the name of Delany. He lived close to Spring and Meadow Creek, just off the Cariboo Trail. Now a state ran camp sits on what was once part of his ranch. Close by are these... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Rock

Whiskey Rock was located at the northern tip of Blue Lake. At one time in the 1950s after curving around down along the lake the road would come up on a small flat and there was Whiskey Rock. The old Scenic Highway then darted behind the rock away from the lake making a sharp corner... Continue Reading →

Cats at Willards Resort

My Grandma Jean Willard used to swear the cats, especially Gus, would stop and pose when she took the camera out. These are shot around Willards Resort and Jasper Bay in the mid 1960s

the No Vandalism cave

Behind Blue Lake, my Grandparents told me that some excited archaeologists were excavating a cave in the area. I can't say this is that cave but for sure the floor has been dug out. This is a 'popular' hike to place close to Packhorse Rock for the more exploratory types.

the long cold winter

Sometimes forgotten or buried stories resurface, refusing to die, they carry memories on their backs that become legends. One story that transcends history into the land of legends is told about a bitter winter in Rattlesnake Canyon. Long ago before the white man came to stay in the canyon, it was a winter camp for... Continue Reading →

Pilot Rock, a historical perspective

by Harry Jefferson Brown, 1904 Pilot Rock, Washington, stands on the west wall of the Grand Coulee, eight miles from Coulee City, Douglas county, and is the finger post marking the gateway to the Big Bend country and pointing the way to the fertile plains lying within the embrace of the greatest river of the... Continue Reading →

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